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Maps and updates for Pre moto3 4T Championship
ECULMB is the brand new ECU specifically developed for Yamaha R25/R3.
The new ECU engineered by GET for motorcycles model KTM rc390 and Duke 125cc, 200cc, 390cc
The racing ECU replace the stock one. You can download new maps for your GET POWER ECU directly from GET web site
High Performance kit for Honda NSF 250 R MOTO 3. It includes: injection map, plug & play harness
GP6EVO: replacement ECU for Honda motorcycles - CBR600 RR & CBR1000 RR 2009-2013(standard and HRC configuration) - maps are preinstalled.
Settable sos alarm and wireless hour meter
GET JumpStarter is a multifunctional mini starter which allows you to restart any motorbike and scooter (including watercrafts and small boats) when they’re out of battery.
C1 is the innovative engine hour meter by GET, the only one to work without any connection to the motorbike.
The new dash is developed according to the motorsport applications; easy to install, great design, shock resistance are the main features of D30EVO
MD60 LOG for riders who want to see lap time in a fast and easy way.
The brand-new M40 GET data logging system is the essence of technology
Data acquisition kit for PreGP italian championship for 2 and 4 stroke bikes
GET ECUs quick shifter
LC1-EVO lambda is the new Lambda kit developed by GET. With its light weight and small size, it fits easily on your racing motorbike.
Kit Lambda LC1-EVO "MX"(Lambda Sensor, Slim Module&Loom with only Analogic output)
Resistive sensor ideal for logging any linear shifting
The GET proximity sensors are based on the inductive technology: they are an ideal solution for contactless metal sensing.
Linear Active pressure sensor: high quality, made of Stainless steel INOX (AISI 316 L) and wide range measurements (10 bar, 35 bar,100 bar)
NTC-type thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient) ideal for recording cooling liquid temperature, engine lubricating oil temperature, air temperature.
K-Type Thermocouple temperature sensor designed to measure temperatures between 0°C and 1000°C.
MAYA programming software tool that allows full configuration of the GET ECU
Get offers three different programming kits. All of them include: Maya software license to change the settings in the GP1-EVO and LC1EVO Lambda Module
Wireless ECU calibration device for ECULMB, ECUJ5, GP2-EVO

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