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GET Performance Center is the new software platform that easily allows to replace the GET ECU unit map direct from the GET POWER'S archive. The user will have specific maps for different mechanical configurations (exhaust's leading manufacturers, racing gasolines, different handling of the rev limiter etc. ..) The archive will be enriched continuously with new technical solutions developed by GET. In order to use of this service you will have to own a GET Power unit (orange ones) and a GPI device "Get Power Interface" that will helps you to interface PC and ECU. In addition of paid maps, GET provides also free of charge ones devoted to the standard model configurations plus any possible updates. Enter the data on your bike in the table below to know the maps available at this time.

Find all available maps

All you need to use benefit of the "GET Performance Center"

  • You need a GET Power ECU or any other GET ECU enabled for this Service. Also the ECU CODE, unique to each ECU, its printed on the back of the ECU's and as back up in the installation manual.
  • You need to have the GPI GET Power Interface that allows you to connect your PC to the ECU in order to update the map.
  • Download the Get Performance Center software (free download)
  • You have to fill in the grid with the ECU code supplied with the unit in order to register the product and view the available maps combined to it; after this you can download, purchase or simply login to your personal achieve. Enter you ECU code into the box.

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