Round 3: GP of The Netherlands - Valkenswaard, 1.04.2013

Once more a first place for the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider, Anonio Cairoli, although he did not win both races. Race 2 was won by Ken De Dycker, the other Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider, an overall second place that takes him closer to Clemente Desalle, who didn’t have a great week-end. Evgeny Bobryshev, the Russian rider closed third overall this week-end, after finishing 2nd and 4th in the races. The Russian rider got the holeshot in both races winning the GET-ATHENA award for being ahead of everyone at the first turn.

Jordi Tixier, vincitore del GET Athena holeshot Award MX2
Jordi Tixier winner of the GET-ATHENA holeshot award - MX2.


On the Dutch track, both classes had two dedicated races so the MX2 riders raced without the “older brothers” of MX1. Once again the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Jeffrey Herlings won both races easily. It was his home track where he is unbeaten since 2010. Right behind him his teammate Jordi Tixier (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing), who raced very well this week-end, getting the holeshot in both races and being in the lead for a while until Herlings passed him.