Round 4: GP of Trentino Ė Arco di Trento, 14.04.2013

Trionfo Cairoli: doppietta al GP del Trentino

On certain days Tony Cairoli seems an alien. At the GP inTrentino he did it again winning both races easily in front a cheering crowd of 23000. Since the start it seemed like there was no chance for the other riders, with the KTM rider going for both holeshots. In Race 1 Cairoli setting the rhythm, while the other KTM rider, De Dycker, who was in pole position on Saturday, with a bad start is back in 12th. The Kawasaki Team with Searle and Paulin and the Suzuki Team with Desalle and Leok try unsuccessfully to keep Cairoliís pace: the Sicilian Champion is of another league and easily controls through the end. The few emotions of the race come from De Dyckerís impressive comeback and Desalleís attempt to pass Paulin towards the end. Under the chequered flag the arrival order is Cairoli, Paulin, Desalle and De Dycker. In Race 2 Desalle ran into a bad day losing 10 points in the general standings and the 2nd place overall to the De Dycker. At the start, behind Cairoli it was a mess with bikes jammed at the first turn and 3 riders on the dirt: Searle, Desalle and Philippaerts. Desalle is back on his bike trying hard to re-gain some positions, but itís one of those negative days: he hits the dirt again finishing only 8th. Amazing battle for third between Boog and Nagl with the German rider prevailing. A satisfying day for Athena-GET, sponsor of the Holeshot Awards this season, who handed the award to Cairoli, who has been sponsored by the Vicenza-based company for years.

The KTM team is certain of one thing this year: the only rival for Jeffrey Herlings is himself. At Arco the flying Dutchman tries to make it difficult with falls and multiple errors, like in Race 2 when he was trapped at the gate . Notwithstanding this he dominates again the GP and leads the Championship with an immaculate score of 200 points. In Race 1, great start from Jordie Tixier, who gets the Athena-GET Holeshot award. The French rider seems he can easily control the race but in the final laps his teammate Herlings with an impressive comeback passes him. In Race 2, excellent race by JosŤ Butron who already had a good Race 1 being in third for most of the race before being slowed down by a mechanical and finishing in 6th. He wins the Athena-GET Holeshot Award with a great start and a final 2nd place.