Round 6: Gp di Portogallo - Agueda, 5.05.2013


Cairoli has a great start in both races with the holeshot, but the GP win goes to Paulin while Desalle, who finished third is not able to get his fourth straight win on the Portuguese track. In Race 1, after a super fast start, Cairoli tries to set the rhythm and go, but Pauling follows and passes him at lap 6. It’s a head-to-head fight, with the two increasing their advantage on the group at every lap. With less than a lap to go, while pushing hard to re-gain the lead Cairoli makes a “rookie” mistake you would not expect from him: he misses a downhill jump, hitting the dirt hard. He’s quickly on his feet but had to finish the race holding the front brake and its wiring in his right hand! Desalle passes him and he finished in 3rd. In race 2 Cairoli doesn’t want to lose any more points gets the holeshot and pushes though the end followed closely by Paulin and Desalle. The Belgian rider imitates Cairoli’s mistake in Race 1, lands badly on a jump and flies off the bike. De Dycker and Searle go past him and Desalle finished in 5th. Race win for Cairoli, GP win to Paulin who is able to only make up two points in the general standings.

Sesta doppietta di fila per Jeffrey Herlings nella MX2
Sesta doppietta di fila per Jeffrey Herlings nella MX2


The “Alien”, Herlings, makes it hard for everybody else to even be there. In both races the only moment they are with him is at the starting gates. The Flying Dutchman is nowhere to be seen for the other contenders winning with over a minute on the 2nd. In Race 2, he finishes with a lap ahead thru the 8th placed rider! MX2 would be very boring if it weren’t for the hard fights for 2nd and 3rd places. In Race 1 it was an amazing duel from the start with Ferris, Butron, Nicholls and Tixier racing for podium in an endless pass and counter pass series. Nicholls and Butron finish in 2nd and 3rd. It’s the 6th double win for Herlings this season and he has an 81 points lead on the 2nd.