Race 1: Red Bull Hangtown Motocross Classic – Sacramento (California), 18.05.2013

2013 Red Bull Hangtown Motocross

250 Class

After the AMA West lites SX Championship, Roczen makes a statement: in the Lucas Oil Championship he’s the man to beat. At the opening race the German rider claims the top of the podium. In Moto 1 holeshot for the defending champion Baggett, but Musquin and Roczen are fast ahead of him, with the French rider in first for three laps only when Roczen passes him and leads through the end. 2nd place for Tomac who was not in the top five at the start but with a strong return sets his sight on Musquin and then on Baggett. In Moto 2, Roczen get the holeshot with Baggett following but never too close thru the end with the German claiming the win in the first 250 national.


450 Class

For Villopoto the Lucas Oil Championship starts the same way the AMA SX season ended: race win and championship leadership. The Red Devil is fast in the lead in the first lap after Stewart’s holeshot, with Stewart and Dungey following, under the chequered flag Dungey for second and Steward in third. Behind them a fierce battle between Canard, Barcia and Short with the first two completing the top five. In Moto 2 another aggressive start for Stewart with another holeshot, with Dungey putting pressure on the former champion and Villopoto looking closely for the best moment to pass them both. With half a race to go Villopoto gains the lead leaving Dungey and Stewart in the fight for second: under the chequered flag the arrival order is the same as Moto 1.