Round 6: Gp del Brasile – Beto Carrero, 19.05.2013


Nothing can stop Cairoli this season. In Brazil, Tony wins on a muddy track, beaten by the bad weather conditions and gains is 58th win. The race, in rough but not impossible conditions, shows how Cairoli is at his top; impressive start that gets him the Athena-Get holeshot award, leaving everyone behind with an incredible rhythm. Surprisingly behind him is Philippaerts while Paulin with a slow start is in 9th. Searle hits the mud leaving Nagl and Desalle in the chase for 2nd. Nagl and Desalle take over Philippaerts with the German rider finishing 2nd, Desalle 3rd, Paulin in 4th and Philippaerts only in 7th. The crowd is all for Cairoli.

Cairoli vince a ritmo di sambaVittoria numero 58, che il campione KTM dedica a Marco Simoncelli


Another easy win in MX2 for Herlings, does not fully satisfy him because he did not win the Superfinal last of 2013. In the Superfinal the first classified MX2 rider is Butron, while Herlings commits a series of mistakes, bad start, falling at the first turn and finishing second: his chase for the “perfect season” is over. In the MX2 race it was the usual monologue for the Dutchman who does it all: bad start and impressive return with another win by large margin. Alexander Tonkov wins the Athena-Get Holeshot award.