Cavallara – Mondavio (PU) – 6 October 2013

Matteo Bonini (Mx1 Elite) and Andrea Cervellin (MX2 Elite) awards.


Italian Motocross Championship ended with Matteo Bonini andndrea Cervellin victories.

Athena GET celebrates with them, because its ECU equipped the new Italian champions’ bikes, as well as some of the most famous teams of the World Mx Championship.

The final race, programmed in Cavallara Circuit would have been decisive for the titles, but ended before it began because of the bad weather, that obliged the race officials to delete the Gp. Saturday’s powerful rain didn’t allow bikers to race in safe conditions.

Therefore, the new Italian Motocross Champion are Matteo Bonini with Kawasaki Motorworld Team in Mx1 Elite Class, and Andrea Cervellin with Suzuki RSR Team in Mx2 Elite Class.

Bonini gained the title with grit and tenacity. During his thanksgiving, he also mentioned Athena as important partner that allow him to achieve this great result.

Cervellin won the title with merit, in spite of some accident during the championship that made him partially losing the leadership.

In addition to this, we also mention some good results of Athena GET’s rider, such as Cristian Beggi, that classified fourth in Mx1 Elite Class, Matteo Aperio and Stefano Pezzuto, third and fourth respectively, in the final ranking of Mx2 Elite Class.

These successes are a source of great pride for Athena because, in addition to enrich its victory’s list, are an encouragement to going on searching and developing innovative and more efficient products.

Athena GET congratulates with all its riders.