An Athena GET exclusive: ECU with a smartphone and tablet app. An easy an intuitive interface that easily manages parameters and improves the performances


 Athena GET innovation, always careful to the off-road’s world needs, realizes the first ECU with an app to managing and monitoring the engine parameters.

The name of the app is WiFiGET and through a simple and intuitive interface, allows the direct communication between the ECU and every tablet or smartphone. WiFi GET is compatible with all the operative systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

With the WiFi COM device gives to users the possibility to change easily and immediately all the main engine parameters. It’s possible:

·         View the Diagnostic in order to check potential issues like bike's sensors that does not work properly

Thanks to WiFi COM the bike is always on its maximal efficiency conditions and guarantees the best performances. The app is free and included in every GP1 POWER and GP1 EVO 2014 kits. With the firmware update, will be possible to link also to the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 GET ECUs.