Moto Morini S.r.l. - manufacturer of high quality “Made in Italy” motorcycles and Athena S.p.A.  –  Industry  Group  focused  on  data  acquisition  and  engines  electronic  control system management - signed an important technical and strategic Partnership. Based on this  agreement  Moto  Morini  will  assign  to  Athena  its  machinery  and  its  organizational structure (vehicles and engines testing rooms) and delegate to Athena the homologation, calibration tests and ECUs mapping operations. The ECUs control the electronic injections’ parameters  of  Moto  Morini  Motorcycles.  Athena  will  develop,  calibrate  and  supply  MM with ECUs and with other electronic parts which will be installed on MM motorcycles.

Here you can read the Official Press Release Moto Morini - Athena