MXoN 2015 – Ernée – 27.09.2015

Ernée, north-west of France, was the track of the MX 2015 last race, with the MXoN 2015. As expected, with many teams without their best riders, there has been the duel between Team France and Team USA.

French Team, with Romain Febvre, Marvin Musquin and Gautier Paulin beat the US Team with Justin Barcia, Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin at the end of three exciting rounds.

Third place for Team Belgium, with Van Horebeek, Lieber and De Dycker.

We would highlight the great results of Athena GET; 8 in 9 bikes on the podium used our electronics, with GP1 Evo ECU and M40 Data acquisition system.

This was the last race of 2015 Season and we’re already waiting for a new exciting 2016 World Championship.