Amazing result for Assomotor Team!

APR 2012

The SuperMoto World Championship season has kicked off at the Lombard circuit of Ottobiano and bad weather conditions were the changeable factor featuring the whole weekend, which also made the track slippery and the off-road section very technical and tough.
In the time practices Ivan Lazzarini’s performance was amazing as he conquered the first seasonal pole position thanks to a solid time; qualifying went well also for Fabrizio Bartolini, who was able to get the 7th place, while Latyshev ended up in 27th position due to some problems.
As the red lights blinked off in the first heat Ivan Lazzarini managed to set up a good start and immediately put in a duel with Chareyre as they were both seeking the top spot. Unfortunately with four laps to go and when he was holding tight the lead, Ivan faced a disastrous fall because of a lapped rider so that he lost the top spot and finished the moto in 2nd. Fabrizio Bartolini classified 18th and Latyshev conquered a solid 17th place courtesy of a solid heat.

Ivan Lazzarini - Assomotor photo

In the second session Lazzarini moved to the head of the pack through a great start and he seemed to have the right rhythm to grasp the victory, but after the tyre got punctured the racer had to increase his rhythm and ended in 3rd. Bartolini was 18th and Latyshev 23rd.
In the final moto of the day Lazzarini was the protagonist of a bad start so that he lost several positions, but Ivan constantly recovered and this allowed him to climb up the standings till the 5th place. Bartolini and Latyshev faced some difficulties and finished at the back of the pack.
Ivan Lazzarini mounted on the second step of the podium at the first round of the 2012 SuperMoto World Championship.

Podio - Assomotor photo